In the era of globalization, in depth research is most important for effective and speedy decision making. Corporates face multiple challenges today, be it cross-border competition, margin pressures, fast changing market, consumer preferences, patent and product portfolio management, research optimization or other factors. We understand that the in depth research process is the core need in any business At Scintillation, we understand the challenges faced by big companies and the importance of accurate and timely research. We know that the quality, cost control and speed are crucial for decision making The combination of our expert staff unique approaches and methodologies creates a sustainable competitive advantage for all of our clients.

Start-up companies face multiple challenges at the initial stage, most importantly those of lack of management bandwidth and/or requisite skills. Associating with the right external professional partner could help start-ups estimating market potential, financial reporting and/or protect their innovative ideas. Scintillation works with many startup companies and assists them to exploit the full potential of their innovative ideas. We understand that in many cases, the innovative ideas are never claimed as intellectual property. We assist startups with our Innovation Management services to help them capture ideas at every step and ensure that nothing is missed. We help startups with our research and analytics services to monetize their ideas and inventions. We work in a variety of patent markets and delivers pertinent information from all jurisdictions even if the startup is limited to one geographic region. With Scintillation, you can invest your time and energy in developing and nourishing your technology while we put our efforts and cost involved to create IP assets from your idea We will put our technical, business and patent expert teams together to help take your idea to the market. We leverage our cross industry domain expertise to provide end-to-end services in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our start-up clients are also able to benefit from the best practice research methodologies, processes and protocols that we have developed for our larger global clients.

We understand that law firms are actively seeking ways to reduce the costs of the legal services without compromising on the quality. We use our expertise in technical fields and experience in the field of IP to provide quality solutions at affordable prices. We have an extensive experience in working with law firms in the United States and Europe and we are knowledgeable of different patent legal requirements and processes. Our research and services are often used by law firms and patent litigators who work in federal courts. Our aim is to provide our clients with professional results in a value-added package.

The increasingly competitive world of research institutes and universities are witnessing a sharp rise in patent filing activities. This requires an exhaustive search and detailed analysis on prior art. We have a team who belongs to different engineering fields which gives us an advantage in interpreting academic patents and prior art searches. IP management and other patent services are important for universities at many levels. Our patent mapping services are frequently used by researchers to give a broad view of developed and undeveloped technology areas. Our in-depth patent analysis helps you to identify the potential markets and licensor of the technology.