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Intarc assists its clients in deciding their business strategies by providing a range of customized Financial Research Services. The range of services includes Business Research, Market Research, Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies and Investor Relations. These research solutions are customized as per the requirement and needs of the clients. In some cases we combine multiple solutions so as to provide the best results for the client. For Example, IP research may be collaborated with business and market research while performing a due diligence or a company valuation

To provide the best possible solutions, we need to team up the experts and that is exactly what, we do at Intarc. Intarc’s financial research teams include highly qualified professionals and are few of the most experienced in the industry. The team includes Certified Financial Analysts, Chartered Accountants and MBAs. Our team brings hard-core financial, economic and business research skills to the table and at the same time deliver point research across your functional requirements.

Whether it is building a business plan, estimating the market size, analyzing the industry/ competitive landscape, conducting a due-diligence or any specific financial concern of a client, our experienced analysts bring in valuable insights to the assignment.

We excel in analytics outsourcing and help our clients with:

Asset Management – Research and analytics services for portfolio management, industry analysis, financial modeling and risk management.

Company Analysis – Research and Analytics services for analyzing individual companies that may be of interest to the client.

Business Plan Development – Research and analytics services for assisting clients in developing business plans that helps them in managing the available financial and operational resources in best possible way so as to raise the bar and profits of the company.

Feasibility Studies – Research and analytics services to evaluate the feasibility and viability of new business plans, markets and launching new products.

Business Due Diligence – Research and analytics services for conducting due diligence to evaluate the benefits, concerns and feasibility when entering a new venture, or valuating a business or a targeted company.

Market Research – Research and analytics services for evaluating market for a specific product or industry. The market sizing, trends, growth prospects, and various industry/market insights are also uncovered.

Geographical Studies – Research and analytics services for evaluating a targeted geography for specific industry, market, etc.

Our clients typically look for high quality, cost effective Financial & Business decision support services:

In addition to the above mentioned services, we at Intarc provides client specific research solutions. Our financial solutions follow structured processes and are a result of rigorous analytical methods and proprietary tools. This provides us the capability to service a variety of financial research needs across the functions.

Our financial solutions provide an eagle’s eye view on companies and industries, providing the key statistics that define the overall company/ industry. In addition, they also describe the major components of the company or industry, clearly outlining parameters such as size, structure, sub-divisions and major developments. A combination of text and graphics serves as a teaser for anyone seeking to gain a broad idea about a company/ industry.