How do we do ?

When we are working for a client – it is important for him to analyze and understand how are the service provider working on his requirements. It not only gives the client confidence but also makes it easy for him to give his inputs to the team who is working on the project.

Our Work strategy can be simply described with the help of a work flow model. Our work flow model assures the client about the timely completion of the project while being in loop.

Our work process is designed in such a way that an easy and conveniently smooth communication between the client and the project manager is assured. As soon as we receive a project request, it is added to our project queue list. Also, a project code is generated and assigned to the request received. To ensure the confidentiality and security of the data, only this project code is used in all communications between project manager and team member during the project execution. We have framed our work process to provide the highest quality of work in a best confidential environment. Following process typically illustrates our work flow model:


To provide best quality of research is our top most priority. Our quality assurance process include extensive peer reviews and technical discussions with scientific and domain experts to ensure the accuracy of the project at every level. We can also provide a graphic representation that depicts our various engagement and work models. Moreover, every project report undergoes 3 tier quality review process before communicating it to the client. Following workflow gives an overview of our quality process:


The team at Intarc makes sure that the above work flow process & quality management process is followed whenever a project is executed. To know more, please feel free to contact us.