Competitive Benchmarking

Objective: To assess/evaluate the competitor’s portfolio/patent

Competitive benchmarking is a continuous process of comparing organization’s / company’s / firm’s performance measures and practices against the other successful companies to sharpen own strategies with numerous ways so that own company can stand on the high position of the market. It helps our clients in evaluating the competitive situation & in turn formulating the appropriate strategies and respond to the competitive threats thereby achieving a competitive edge in the market.

To support Business R&D and IP counsel from an organization in their better decision making against its competitors, a competitive benchmarking report is prepared by conducting a detailed analysis on the patent portfolio of the client & its competitors. Thereafter, additional market research and business research are conducted to gather the factors that help in understanding the market scenarios in a better way. Further, SWOT analysis is done to achieve a better view of the situation. On the basis of all the factors discovered, and the research findings, a competitive analysis report is prepared to help the client understanding the competitive scenario.

We at Intarc have devised highly strategic methodologies for conducting competitive benchmarking. We employ highly trained business analytic professionals along with patent professional to gather the best possible informative & decision making reports for our clients which benefit the organizations to understand any business competitors, suppliers, and customer product innovations within its operating markets and analysis of information about the strengths, weaknesses, and future intentions of competitors.
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