Patent Drafting

Objective:- To prepare an application for the grant of the patent to be filed in the patent office

Patent Drafting is the process of writing the descriptions and claims, which is the core part of any patent application. Patent drafting, besides being the most important document in the entire patent registration process, is also considered to be one of the most complex techno-legal documents. This document contains the aspects of the invention for which protection is sought & therefore should be accommodated with all possible embodiments claimed and enabled therein the specification while being properly described. So a poorly drafted application not only has lesser chance to pass through the patent office but also if granted affects the enforceability & boundaries of the patent thereby resulting in the lesser returns for the owner.

The team at Intarc comprises trained and experienced patent agents, scientists and engineers working in methodical and matured processes to deliver high quality patent drafts. They are highly skilled to draft provisional and complete applications as per the defined statutory requirements of the patent office where the application is to be filed. Further, we are associated with patent attorneys who train the team to draft patent applications to be filed at the USPTO, EPO, Indian Patent Offices, and other patent offices all over the world.

Further, our team has the diversity which enables us to utilize the team member from the relevant educational qualification to work on the specific application of the domain. This helps our client to get the important inputs while comprehensively drafting the patent application.

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