Patent Valuation

Objective: To assess the value of a patent asset
Patent Valuation is important as it plays a highly valuable role in the business. A key part of valuing a patent is to obtain a value of the patent in question during the transaction patent transaction activities. It does not make good business sense to buy/acquire a patent without checking its value. Further, it is necessary to perform a patent valuation for in activities such as during in licensing / out licensing, calculating patent infringement damages etc.

Because patents are intangible assets, it is often difficult to assign a monetary value to them & therefore requires a complex methodology based process.

We have in our team certified patent valuation Analysts, along with financial analysts trained for IP valuations who have developed unique models to accurately evaluate patent assets. Further, we are associated to patent brokerage experts who are responsible to manage our valuation projects. With the presence of all such resources/expertise, we are able to assure our clients of providing high quality & accurate patent valuations.

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