Patent Illustrations / Drawings

Objective: To represent the invention and embodiments to be patented in form of drawing.

The drawings/ illustrations form an integral part of a patent application for better understanding of the invention as these are the visual form of patent description/ Invention by which one can easily understand the invention clearly. There are certain rules and regulatory compliances associated with patent drawings laid down by Patent office’s that needs to be followed.

We offer patent drawing services for all major domains including complex drawings of machines and mechanical parts, medical devices & components thereof, electronic devices & components thereof, electrical circuits, charts & graphs to block diagrams, flow charts etc.

We at Intarc, employs a team experienced illustrators who are trained with the compliances that needs to be followed as per the different patent offices. Further the team is equipped with all relevant tools to receive and deliver the requests in various formats rough sketches, photographs or images, CAD files etc. Also, we completely understand the requirement of quick turn around and secure transmission of patent drawings therefore, we deliver the drawings at the client’s mentioned deadline in an encrypted way if required.

For further details / sample drawings, please contact us.