Patent Portfolio Analysis

Objective: Analyze the current portfolio & to strategize the R&D and Business Activities

A patent portfolio is the list of patents owned by an individual or a company. It not only determines to understand company’s current R&D Landscape but also is a major factor in valuation of the company and its business. Patent portfolio is analyzed to attain a numerous benefits. Some of these are:-

1. Invest Smartly – Deciding the strategy for future R&D activities thereby maintaining the growth in right direction.
2. Reducing COSTS – reducing the cost of patent maintenance by filtering out irrelevant / unused patents & creating a strategies for the same thereby turning the loss into profits.
3. Competitor Watch – Analyzing the competitor’s portfolio helps in keeping a track of competitor’s activities and to strategize accordingly.
4. Business Decision:- deciding mergers/acquisitions activities by analyzing the patent portfolio of the companies to see if it is beneficial or not.

With the speed the patents are being filed by companies in current scenario, it is necessary to keep a constant track / documentation on the patent portfolio of the company to maintain the growth in right direction. If in case the patent portfolio is not analyzed regularly, it would not take much time to reach a situation where patent assets are poorly documented and maintained.

We at Intarc, employ domain specific team members, in addition of our proprietary tools to analyze the client’s portfolio which not only drives better IP decision making but also helps in an effective portfolio evaluations by showing IP in a business context.

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