Patent-Product Mapping

Objective: To assess own portfolio / to find potential targets for in-licensing and out-licensing of patents

Patent to Product Mapping is frequently used to map by the companies to map the patents of their own portfolio to the products they already own or they plan to launch, to evaluate the level of alignment and identify the most important patents in the portfolio and the level of protection they provide to their products.

Patent/product mapping also helps attorneys and in house counsels in determining how the patents are aligned with the product portfolio of the company and to assess if there is any requirement for in-licensing of any patented technology to further strengthen their protection.
In some cases, the patent to product mapping is also done for the purpose of assess which are the weakest patents in a portfolio and needs to be out licensed. Once the weak patents are determined, it is generally followed with infringement analysis/ EOU to find the potential out-licensing targets.
We at Intarc, has employed a strong analytical team to analyze and assess the patents/products perfectly and thereby helping our clients in finalizing their in-licensing / out-licensing strategy.

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