Patent Proofreading

Objective: Filtering out mistakes in drafted patent application/ issued patentproofreading-4601
Patent Proofreading is an important step that needs to be taken just after the draft for the patent application is finalized. The main objective of patent proof reading is to identify errors in the patent application draft, which otherwise can lead to unwanted office-actions rejection of patent applications. The errors could include grammatical errors, spelling errors, formatting errors, antecedent basis errors, claim dependency errors, and errors in drawing, illustration or even claim consistency with respect to the description.

Also, as very well known, that most of the granted patents contain mistakes too. These mistakes could have negative impact on enforceability of the claims of the patent and even more during the litigation stage. Therefore, it is required to proof read these errors and get a certificate of correction as soon as the patent owner comes across these mistakes to avoid future losses.

We at Intarc, employ technical professionals who are well able to understand complex technology, using our proprietary tools along with a robust methodology to uncover such errors. We not only perform a complete character-to-character proof of the full document, but also make sure that the front page and bibliographic information are also checked for errors. If errors are identified (e.g., typographical, clerical, etc.) in an already granted patent, our team prepares a Patent Proofreading Form citing applicant and examiner errors. If it is required, we also assist our clients in preparing a Certificate of correction.

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