Patent Prosecution Support

Intarc is well known for assisting Skilled attorneys during the prosecution of the patent application to achieve a patent grant status

“Supporting the Prosecution of an idea being prosecuted before the authorities to convert it into a patent”

Patent prosecution describes the interaction between applicants and their representatives, and a patent office with regard to a patent, or an application for a patent. The team at Intarc Consulting Services is skilled with a thorough knowledge of patent laws from jurisdictions such as US, EP, India, Uk etc. Further, the team has been trained by attorneys and patent professionals to seek the broadest possible protection for an invention while being narrow enough to take care of any existing art.

The various services that we provide to our clients during the prosecution stage of a patent application are:

  • Patentability Search / Novelty Search > Comprehensive search to check for the patentability of an invention.
  • Patent Drafting > Drafting a comprehensive patent application is the key to a valid and enforceable patent.
  • Patent Filing Support >
    We collaborate with patent attorneys & agents to take care of patent filings in all major jurisdictions for our domestic and international clients. We also help organizations in filing national phase PCT applications across the major jurisdiction around the world.
  • Office Action Response – Drafting and Filing response to office actions received from patent office