Accelerated Examination Search

Objective: To conduct an Accelerated Examination Search

USPTO has established some procedures in August 2006 for an accelerated Examination of patent application. This USPTO’s program involves various requirements, out of which one of the major requirement is the submission of an Accelerated Examination Support Document (AESD) for an applicant, as well it is mandatory for an applicant who decides to file a petition under the Accelerated Examination Program to conduct a comprehensive prior art search among US Patents, published patent applications, foreign patent documents, and any non-patent literature.

At Intarc, our accelerated Examination Search is specifically designed to meet all the requirements of the USPTO’s Accelerated Examination Program for fast approval. Our team thoroughly searches all resources prescribed by the USPTO.

The team includes professionals from various domains making possible for us to employ relevant technical expert on each projects and thereby provide with best possible results. Further, our reports are designed to assist our clients and attorneys in best possible way and are easily reviewable by the patent examiners. The report further includes well documented results along with the details that generally assists in the fulfilling the requirements or creation of this AESD Document by providing the required search history, relevant references and claims etc. We Intarc here demonstrate the detailed search history according to USPTO guidelines to fulfill your procedures in filling the application.