Bio Sequence Search

Objective:- To Conduct Searches for Bio-technical Inventions/ Sequences

Lately, we have seen an advent rise in innovation related to Molecular Biology other bio- technical innovations. Accordingly, there is a proportionate increase in the prior art and general search requirement for such inventions. While these innovations are mainly focused towards biological sequences such as as EST sequences and probe / primer sequences; DNA/RNA nucleotide sequences or amino acids sequences of protein, natural / synthetic genes / peptide sequences and siRNA sequences etc. There is a need of domain specific high technical skills as only keyword based searching is not enough to get the relevant results from the patents and non patents documents in such disclosures.

We at Intarc provides the impactful search as we have a dedicated team of biotechnology experts, equipped with relevant databases and tools required for conducting a comprehensive sequence search. We have complete excess to databases like GenomeQuest and STN databases in addition to our standard review of U.S. and foreign patent and non-patent literature databases. Our non-patent literature research covers PubMed and Medline, and ScienceDirect, as well as free databases such as Google, Google Scholar, and freepatents online. We have developed strategies to efficiently search various sequences including various nucleotide and amino acid sequences, using different algorithms including BLAST, fragment and motif searching etc. in addition to Smith and Waterman algorithm which has been already recognized as one of the most comprehensive method known.

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