Knock-Out Search

Objective: To quickly knock out the inventions which are not novel from the lot.

As the name enounce, the Knock out Patentability Search is a fast, high quality, low cost option to quickly filter out an invention which is not novel from the lot. Generally, the focus is on conducting simplified patentability search that just looks for identical patents. We at Intarc, make sure that we conduct a basic non patent search as well in addition to patent literature search.

We at Intarc, designate the experienced professionals from relevant domain only to conduct knock out searches aiming the novelty to provide the best results thereby helping in quick decision making on whether to proceed with the idea or not.

While these searches are very low cost and best effective way to distinguish inventions that are novel and worth the investment, we make sure these searches are also conducted on relevant paid subscription databases for patent as well as non patent literature. We also give an option to our clients to extend the search into a full Patentability Search if deemed novel at first stage.

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