Patent Watch

Objective: Continuous Monitoring Service for IP updates in field of interest

Patent watch as the name enounce is a monitoring service in which we keep a continuous track on the updates on patent / patent applications related to a predefined technology / Patent Classification / Company etc. The objective of such a monitoring is to remain updated about the latest patents/activities in their preferred field of invention. The monitoring includes keeping a track on each and every activity related to the targeted patent/application such as publication details, legal status details, prosecution details etc

We at Intarc have devised different type of patent watch services customized according to the client’s focus.

1. Technical Patent Watch
– Monitors newly published patent applications and/or issued patents in a particular technical area as soon as they are published. Relevant Classifications are continuously monitored.

2. Competitor Patent Watch
– Monitors newly published patent applications and/or issued patents of competitors including companies of interest and inventors.

3. Patent Infringement Watch
– Monitors products which could be potentially infringing upon the client’s patent. The monitoring can be further added with additional parameters such as (company sizing, market value etc) to make the report helpful for the client in decision making.

The team employs rigorous methodology to make sure that no relevant update is missed. The updates are sent to the client in a customized and tailor made report designed to ease the decision making. The frequency of the updates can be varied as per the client’s requirements starting from daily monitoring to weekly/biweekly/monthly/quarterly.

For more details / sample reports on our Patent Watch Services, please contact us.