Patentability Search

Objective: To determine if an idea is patentable and/or to uncover relevant prior artpatentability Search

Patentability search is a kind of prior art search conducted to evaluate the patentability of an invention based on the statuary requirements of the Patent office i.e an invention must be Novel (new) and non obvious.

Apart from determining the patentability, such a search also helps in defining the scope of claims while drafting a patent for an invention which have a broadest possible scope based on the identified prior art. Additionally, by getting the patentability search done, the inventor is able to reduce the risk of expending effort and money on an invention that is not new. Most importantly it improves the defensibility of the future patent by ensuring that the examiner considers the most relevant prior art during prosecution.

We at Intarc, have access to industry’s leading patent and non-patent databases which provide us access to the 100+ jurisdictions worldwide. Our strategy for Patentability search is comprehensive and covers a diversity of strategies includes Keyword based search while including dynamic keywords during the course of the search, Patent Classification based search, Citation search, Inventor based search & assignee based search for searching patent literature. To search for Non patent literature, we thoroughly search the databases we access to, including any other related content available electronically such as web journals, technical literature, manuals, books, articles, and blogs.

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