State of Art Search

Objective: To assess the current trend in a specific domain

The state of the art patent search is the broadest and most general of all the patent searches. Generally, the state of art search is preferred by inventors/companies/R&Ds to gather an up-to-date information about current scenario /development in a specific technical field. This helps them in decision making of future strategy in the area of their research.

Our State-of-the-Art Searches involves reviewing of all prior-art patents and literature relating to a particular product, process and technology to identify the current developments on the subject area of interest. It provides an in-depth insight on the key patented innovations and major players in the relevant domain and in turn assists in your R&D process

We at Intarc employ team members from various domains who work on well developed in house strategies to help in decision making of clients with different focus/motive. The major type of reports include:

1. General State of art search
2. State of art with landscape focus
3. State of art with FTO Focus
4. State of art with Business Strategy Focus

For more information on our state of art research services or to have a look at the sample reports, please contact us.