Technology Landscape

Objective: To assess the technology trends in a visual/graphical way

With the advent of business analytics, before actual directing the R&D and high investments in a particular technical field – the companies/investors tend to reveal past and present activities & trends in the a given broad-spectrum of technology. Such information significantly not only improves the ability strategize the business decisions for R&D but also steers clear of tracts that are already fenced-off by densely competing patent activity.

Patent landscape is a visual landscape generated on the basis of analysis of patents & non patent literature available related to a specific area of technology. First, a search is conducted to gather all the relevant references available related to the concerned field of the technology. Thereafter, the Search results are analyzed and the information is presented as a visual landscape enabling both high-level overviews and detailed analyses of specific patent documents.

Prior to planning their future research projects, companies are increasingly relying on patent landscape to avail various insights to new potential areas, where there is a possibility of improvement and thereby a scope of directing the research & development in that particular area. It can also help to:

  • Obtaining overview of the technology
  • Identifying the technology curve
  • Identifying the key players operating in a technology domain
  • Identifying the R&D focus of key industry players
  • Identifying breakthrough patents in a technology domain
  • Identifying technology evolution
  • Another key area that is analyzed using technology landscapes is white space analysis. It is primarily done to identify the white spaces in a technology area that have a potential for innovation. This analysis enables a client to identify and exploit areas where R&D may be conducted for generating innovation.

    The team at Intarc includes professionals who have considerable technical and industry experience to accurately analyze and categorize the complete whole large number of patents and plot a visual landscape as per the focus of the clients. Our tried and tested patent landscape analyses helps our clients reduce overall costs.

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