White Space Analysis

Objective: To identify a gap in technology where efforts for new innovation should be directed

With the advent increase in the number of innovations and R&D foucs for creating new products/technology, most of the time R&D end up creating an innovation which is already being created/has been created by some other company. Therefore, it is necessary to first identify the technology gap where there is a scope of a new innovation and therefore act as a direction for R&D.

White-space analysis is an in-depth analysis of patents already granted/published/applied for, in a particular domain of technology. It is generally undertaken after any of the preliminary landscaping has been done. The objective of the analysis is to identify the gaps in the current technology spectrum and also then focusing on how the Gaps may be bridged thereby identifying the ‘White space’ .

We at Intarc employ highly qualified & train experts like Our research team consists of experienced PhDs, Post-graduates and Engineers. We offer a comprehensive & accurate White-space analysis service to our client which are presented to the client in a pictorial way displaying technology growth and white-gap area where further R&D can be done to gain competitive edge and to carry out incremental innovation for new product development.

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