Who We Are?

“Welcome to Intarc Consulting Services “
Intarc Consulting Services is a leading Research & Consulting Firm having its operations based in India. The company assists its clients in achieving real business results that allow them to transform, and not just maintain, their operations. Our Research services, business solutions and IT support services including web development as well as Software development help our clients to multiply their business values and maintaining persistence in ever competing market. We tend to bring a level of certainty to its clients that no other competitor can match.

Intarc Consulting Services have grown to be one of the best solutions for your consulting and support requirement. We at Intarc, help our clients wherever they need us, maybe it in their conceptualization cycle, product development phase, marketing phase or the commercialization of the product in the market. Therefore, we happen to be a true end to end support service provider. Unlike all major, research firms, consulting firms or development companies, we assist our client in each of the phases, we do assist them in their research requirements, consult them to provide the best available solutions for their needs and help them in prototyping their innovative ideas as well.

Our Competencies

Intellectual Property Services
IT Services
Financial Services